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It is not easy to get away or bored from the leather jackets as they are extremely comfortable and classy. The custom-fit jacket is difficult to look out for; there are various aspects of it. This is a comprehensive guide including features that are a must to look out for in a customized jacket. A customized jacket is one on which a custom logo or design according to the requirement of an individual is printed.

Six Things to Look Out in a Customized Jacket

This comprehensive guide will highlight all the major aspects which are important for you to look out for in your customized jacket. This is crucial as it will impact your buying decision. If you are aware of how to check the quality or other features of a custom jacket, you can get the right piece without any hassle and can also invest money in purchasing the right custom jacket.

Watch out for the Size – Is it Fitting You?

The first thing you have to ensure or look out for is the size. A custom leather jacket will only offer a custom design, not a custom size or fit. This makes it crucial to make sure that the customised denim jacket or any other material is tailored to your size. Every company has its way of measuring and will offer you their service when you want. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you avail the measuring service of your custom jacket before confirming your order to get a cropped jacket according to your size and fittings.

Quality of Leather – Feel the Comfort

The second must-check feature is the quality of the material of your custom jacket. Premium custom jackets use material which is of good quality usually. However, if you are buying from a local shop or choosing an inexpensive custom jacket, then you have to be more careful. There are numerous types of leather out there, from which you can choose the exact material according to your comfort and surroundings.

You can research the leather types, and popular choices including:

  1. Goatskin
  2. Calfskin
  3. Bison
  4. Deerskin
  5. Cowhide
  6. Lambskin

To make sure that your custom jacket possesses all the qualities to become your favourite jacket and does not make your appearance unpleasant, you can select any material from the popular options.

Colour – Lookout for the unpleasant, dull and sharp palette

The third feature or must-look-out thing in your customised jacket is the colour of it. You must figure out whether or not the colour of the jacket is appealing. This is because every colour portrays meaning. Even if you are not a believer of this meaning portrayal thing, it is a fact that some colours look well-suited to your personality. The two of the classic colors of the leather jackets are brown and black which never go out of season and are timeless.

On the other hand, you can get your favourite colour-designed custom jackets in Dubai from here. You can also choose classics from the unique palette including beige, red, green and other colours which will energize your mood.

Lining – Does it matter?

You often hear about the colour, size or material of the custom jacket, but another thing and fourth on the list to look out for is the lining. This section of the leather jacket that is of lining usually is not focused on by most people, but it impacts the fitting of your jacket.

Heavier lining, including fleece and other attachments of the material including cotton design, embroidery and others make it not suited for all seasons. On the other hand, heavier fleece will give you warm in chilling temperatures. All of these aspects of lining are crucial for you to look out for as they will affect the fitting and breathability of your custom jacket.

Add-ons – Create your Design

The fifth on the list are add-ons, these are the embellishments that you can attach or tailor fit to stand out in the party. You can add quotes, patches and more on your custom jacket that will reflect and express your personality.

Hardware – Are you aware of this feature?

The sixth feature of hardware on the list and one of your customised denim jackets is exceptionally significant as it includes zippers, buttons, pockets and more features. Whether the pockets are opened or closed, or the zipper and buttons are suitable, you have to make this decision earlier and look out for it.


You can choose the best custom-designed jacket in Dubai by keeping the above six points in mind. Each of the mentioned features you have to look out for in your custom jacket is significant and makes your look appealing including size, material lining, hardware, colour and add-ons. You can look out for the right custom jacket without any problem if you follow this guide. Therefore, make sure to note these points and buy the jacket accordingly.



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