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Factors To Consider Before Making A Custom Printed Jacket

Factors To Consider Before Making A Custom Printed Jacket

A customised printed jacket is a true statement of showcasing your class, calibre, creativity, and authorship to what you wear when you wear and how you carry yourself. It is an emblem of a particular fashion-inspired niche.

Still, nowadays, it has been growing unanimously and joining the league of all young individuals, married women, men, old and infants. It has maximum popularity through social media and several platforms like get-togethers, meetings, trips, malls and any place. It would be an understatement to say that it has become routine and doesn't have that charm like in the beginning.

The significance of a customised printed jacket can be seen and observed from a distance as it shines through among the monotonous ready-to-wear. You can wear it wherever you want to go, carry it with you in your bag and surprise people when you want to show your inner fashionista.

Since it's made with denim, a sturdy and resistant material that provides durability and comfort and breaks the monotony of the denim fabric and old style, here comes the printed jacket, which is customised especially for the vivid and lively youth.

Let’s Make a Custom Printed Jacket

A customised jacket is a very detailed and crafty piece that becomes the attraction's centre. Its sturdiness, classy-chic look, durability, colour, and cut make it hard to resist and drive you to have one. Well, don't worry! You have landed on the perfect place where we will provide you with all possible factors about making your own customised printed jacket.

Bunny jacket

All you need to do is follow the instructions and get your hands on the materials, practice a little and start making your own custom-printed jacket. We will guide you thoroughly about the factors involved in making one so that you will have a draft and list of what steps to take care of and which to experiment with where needed.

“Fashion passes, Style remains.” COCO CHANEL

Ways of Making Custom-Printed Jackets

Several ways allow you to print on a denim jacket easily. Some demand easy equipment, stencils, paints, and brushes, and high-tech machines for printing on denim jackets. We will discuss all the possibilities of which devices are used and how expensive they are, along with some easy ways to print with limited access to materials yet guaranteeing good results.

  • It would help if you had a denim jacket, old or new. Both will work perfectly, but wash them thoroughly before starting the printing process.
  • High-tech digital fabric printers, also known as Dye Sublimation Printers, cost around  AED 9000 ($2500)
  • Screen Printing is the easiest method to perform this activity as it costs much less than digital printers but needs dedication, a keen eye, and expertise to control the pigment and application
  • Use any stencil like nuts and bolts, or make your DIY with leaves and branches, dip them in some paint and apply pressure to get the print on the denim surface
  • Lastly, you can decorate the denim jacket with further embellishments to make it more trendy

Top Five Factors to Consider Before Making a Custom Printed Jacket

bunny jacket

This is a relatively straightforward process, although you must ensure before starting your process. Since we have proposed this article for those sitting at home and wanting to start something new, painted denim jackets will elevate their experience on the artistic side. Here are the factors that should be considered before making a custom-printed jacket.

1. Choosing the Perfect Jacket

The first thing that you are supposed to do is choose the perfect style and fitting. As denim jackets come in different types and cuts; some are baggy, loose-cut, shirt-cut, drop shoulder, box jackets, biker jackets, sporty jackets, soft denim jackets, embellished with buttons, and so many more. Here, you must select which looks perfect according to your body type because style is accentuated prominently with the ideal fit.

2. Selecting Your Favourite Design for Inspiration

You can combine many inspirations and play solo with subtle changes to make it your own. You may also add in your element. For example, suppose you like guns, coins, dollar bills, cigars, roses or anything. In that case, you may incorporate them into your printing design as it will juxtapose the composition and bring out your element.

3. Arranging Materials

The crucial step is collecting materials, for example, paints, brushes, stencils, extra spare cloth, newspapers and other stationery items, which will help execute the design.

4. A Thorough Cleaning of Jacket

Before beginning the process of printing, it is essential to clean the jacket thoroughly; for example, if you are using an older one from your trunk or spare clothes collection, then it must need a dry clean to kill all the bacteria and any oil or stain residue. Secondly, when using a newer one, check the label to see if it seeps colour on washing. If it does, wash it to get rid of the raw colour and dry it thoroughly to begin printing.

5. Preserving the Artwork Carefully

After completing the printing work, it must be cured well with a fixative or any other sprays, which then, on washing, doesn't leak the paint. But to ensure this doesn't happen, use acrylic or fabric colours/paints as they are, by nature, a fixative because they won't leak or seep while washing.

Note: You can decorate your jacket with embellishments like pearls, buttons, chains and lucky charms.


We have advised a perfect way of making your very own custom-printed jacket. From start to finish, the making, factors involved in forming it and detailed discussion of what to consider before making your own are devised clearly. If you follow the steps accordingly, we guarantee you will have a phenomenal masterpiece in your wardrobe, ready to hit the world's highlights. After going through all the processes, you will become a master of your own and can start a business for customised jeans jackets online. Stop processing assumptions that either I can do it or not; you can, and we assure you that the artist inside you will make you proud with the end product.

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