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How To Make Customised Denim Jackets With Kids - A Fun Experience

How To Make Customised Denim Jackets With Kids - A Fun Experience

Make Customised Denim Jacket Easily!

If you want to enjoy the creativity in you, start making a customised denim jacket, as it will give you a canvas to play around with and experience your stylistic approach towards apparel. This blog is for everyone, from house moms taking care of their children, men who want to spend fun-time with infants after a full day at the office or siblings who want to enjoy a particular activity with their younger ones. Talking about art and craft automatically develops a sense of imagination and artistry towards things, and a customised denim jacket is the best example to take as an activity. There are no hard and fast rules for making a customised denim jacket, although it is straightforward as you will need a denim jacket and some art supplies. It won't take long, and you will be ready with a stunning customised denim jacket. 

Spend Fun Time with Kids by Making Customised Denim Jackets 

customised denim jackets

Since our lives are heavily occupied with daily chores and never ending work, we don’t get enough time to enjoy and relax. We opt for dining options, parks, and other entertainment places, but we are missing a significant part of our lives: creativity and doing arts and crafts that relaxes our minds. Making customised denim jackets at home will be a great deal to have a fun time experience with your kids. Kids are born with a sense of creativity, and their approach towards abstract art is uncanny, so their contribution to making customised denim jackets will be unique. Let’s make customised denim jackets with kids at home.

1. Get a Perfect Sized Denim Jacket for your Kid

The first step is to get a perfect-sized denim jacket before you start painting; depending on whom you are making with your kid, it is for a friend of yourself or even for the kid. So getting the right size is necessary as the perfect size will be the end product will flaunt outstandingly. You can get ideal-size denim jackets online in many places, as you don't have to go out and spend time searching for one. Also, check for the quality and delicate hemstitches. Plus, you can surprise your kid after making it and telling them that you are making it for someone and then presenting it to them; their reactions will melt your heart away.

2. Collect Art Supplies

Secondly, collecting art supplies such as paint brushes, acrylic or fabric paints and fabric conditioner to soften the surface before painting and pencils and fabric markers are necessary for the artwork. Ask your kids to hunt for art supplies available at home, and they will search on purpose, and they might bring you something you have yet to think of as a supply, which can be helpful. After collecting, you may start making the artwork for your customised denim jacket.

3. Ask Kids to Gather Material for Stamping

This is the most fun part of this exercise, as collecting material for stamping will activate your kid's instincts to hunt and contain valuable material for making printed denim jackets. It is just like a brainstorming exercise, where you can give them an example by showing how stamping is done. They will collect leaves from the gardens, flowers, branches, pebbles, and more. You can limit them to bringing in housed materials such as forks, old tyres, bricks, mats, threads, bottle caps, and toys. Before stamping on the denim jacket, try on a spare cloth to see how the stamp turns out; if that passes your requirement to be printed stamped on a denim jacket, apply it. You can save those impressions and mix-match according to your style. Also, you can ask kids to hand stamp the denim jackets for a more artistic look.

4. Paint Strokes for Abstract Look

Specifically for hand painted denim jackets, you need brushes and paints to begin your creativity. It is the best option for kids to paint anything they want or like on a denim jacket to create visual interest as "Picasso's" paintings are highly recognised and appreciated because of that child-inspired painting style so your kid will paint such beautiful strokes that will enhance the whole look of the denim jacket. You can give them a choice to select colours for painting denim jackets, and they can apply several weightage strokes, creating depth and visual interest. To further make it professional, add a little of your touch, like paint splashes or any written text.  

5. Use Bleach for Negative Drawings

This is the most intriguing method to create designs, but using bleach with kids can be harmful, so make sure you are by their side and warn them not to take it in their mouths and eyes. A hand printed denim jacket can be made into perfection with bleach, but for that, you need a dark-coloured denim jacket as light-coloured will give poor results. You can dip those stamps collected in the bleach solution and start stamping as the area that will hit the denim jacket with bleach will seep out the colour from that area, creating stunning visuals.  


Just as kids are phenomenal with the creativity built in them, making custom painted denim jackets with kids will be a fun-loving experience. When their creativity strikes you, yours will be left aside because with such creative brains and perspectives, developing designs for customised denim jackets will be trailblazing, and you can do side business by selling customised denim jackets online in the UAE. You can start your new merch for Premium Custom Denim Jackets in UAE. So what are you waiting for? Planning to do it on a weekend or any working day as the methods are discussed above to make custom painted denim jackets with kids that are easy-peasy and will take less time as you may start right now after finishing reading the blog.

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