Monkey NFT Denim Jacket

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Every piece is made by various techniques to become as a wearable art that is unique ,in this case the item will not be an exact replica as image shown but unique piece with reference to the original

Introducing our extraordinary Monkey NFT Denim Jacket, a black fashion marvel that combines rebelliousness with a touch of digital art. This exceptional piece is more than just a jacket—it's a statement of your unique style and a celebration of the exciting world of NFTs.

Commanding attention at the back of this captivating jacket is a striking NFT Monkey print. With its eye-catching colors and intricate details, this digital artwork brings a fusion of modernity and creativity to the denim canvas. The NFT Monkey's presence adds a sense of intrigue and curiosity, inviting others to appreciate your bold fashion choices and sparking conversations about the emerging world of non-fungible tokens.

Model Information

Male Model 182 cm Weight 92 kg wearing size Large

Female Model 165 cm weight 48 kg wearing size Large

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