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Behind The Scenes: The Technology And Techniques Of Custom Printed Jackets

Behind The Scenes: The Technology And Techniques Of Custom Printed Jackets

All About Custom Printed Jackets

The fashion industry has gone too far with inventing new styles and trends with custom printed jackets which have kept the industry alive with stunning reputation. When we talk about fashion and discuss styles and clothing we cannot leave behind the popular clothing option, the custom printed jackets. This article will provide all of the information about custom printed jackets that how they are made, what is the technology involved in creating a masterpiece. As fashion fades but style never dies, the charm of custom printed jackets will keep the style alive as it adds value to your persona. With several styles and types of custom printed jackets, you will find the one that compliments you perfectly.  

5 Best Techniques to Make Custom Printed Jackets

quality custom printed jackets are made specifically for you alter your style into trendy way.

To make custom printed jackets at home with a limited access to supplies, follow the techniques stated below. The techniques discussed will make stunning custom printed jackets. As to shorten up the talking, we are giving you the best source of information to make yourself one. First you will need a denim jacket, secondly, wash it thoroughly as per the given tag instructions to get rid of any oil stains and dirt, dry well, thirdly gather supplies like brushes, stamps, leaves, nuts and bolts and anything that clicks to your mind as a creative source to emboss a print on jacket. Finally to compose designs follow the given techniques to make best custom printed jacket.

1. Trace or Draw and Paint

Since drawing is considered to be the primary technique to create any artwork. For custom printed jackets, you can draw from any resource, like if you have a reference picture you can trace it on denim jacket by drawing the image on tracing paper and reversing the sides to get the image exposed on the surface of the jacket. After finish drawing, you can paint with fabric or acrylic paints for a long-term use.

2. Make Negative Designs with Bleach

The most intriguing technique is to use bleach. As we all know bleach is used for removing the pigment and it works fabulous with denim jackets. You can spray the bleach on certain areas or dip the stencils like flowers, shells, or anything which is available at your ease and press them on the surface. The bleached area compliments the dark blue hue of denim jacket making it more interesting. It is considered to be as the most-easiest technique to make custom printed jackets.

3. Use DIY Stencils

The simpler things we go through in our daily life have made it much-easier to make custom printed denim jackets. Having access to several materials, which you have never thought of producing such good results will stun you. As with DIY stencils you just have to combine any of the stencils you like, dip them in the pigment and press on to the surface of jacket to get the rusty and excellent print. You can make DIY stencils with several materials, for example:

  • Stones and pebbles
  • Bricks
  • Old tyres
  • Bottles and caps
  • Bubble wraps
  • Branches and leaves
  • Net and wires

4. Stamping

It is similar to making a print with stencil. The difference is a stencil is made with a particular defined area for example if you are using old tyres you will cut a certain area of the texture and then start printing but with stamping its totally different. You can select any object you like, a key for example, attach the back of the key with a wooden piece to make a stamp block and then draw the jacket on a surface and stamp it with the key. This will create harmonious prints as you will have one object whose direction you can change to bring visual balance.

5. Lines and Strokes

The other easiest technique is drawing abstract lines and strokes. You can paint the strokes first and then compliment the strokes with different coloured lines to create visual interest and depth.

Technology Involved in Making Custom Printed Jackets

The fashion business is heavily reliant on technology, which is changing how denim is created and made. With supreme technologies in printing, dyeing and manufacturing, creating custom printed jackets have become more reliable and easier as compared to previous times. The majority of those who want to design jeans are able to employ software design strategies, consider sustainability, and even use recycled materials. The process of making custom printed jackets in modern world has become simpler and innovative. Following is the technology used in making custom printed denim jackets.

quality custom printed jackets are excellent for party outings.

Eco-Friendly Digital Printing

There are several highly equipped machines for digital printing that are eco-friendly and consume zero water. Due to this technological advancement we can make a huge number of custom printed jackets without harming nature. The results of digital printing are amazing as the pigment is sprayed layer by layer which saves the pigment from getting waste. There are few models of these machines that give perfect results.

  • Inkjet printer is widely used in digital printing on any kind of fabric

Laser Printing Advancing the Surface Textures

Digital printing on denim jackets has gone old but this technology revamps the whole perspective about styling custom printed jackets. As laser printing modifies the surface of the denim jackets with laser technology leaving behind the textures and fabric feel as required. Laser printing adds depth to any kind of denim jacket either it is hand painted jackets or custom printed jackets. It works perfectly for both options.

Other Options for Making Custom Printed Jackets

  • Discharge Printing is replacing the manufacturer dye by bleaching out the pigment and replacing it with other hues as per your colour palette
  • Flock Printing is done by cutting out the design using a plotter and is applied to denim by the industrial heat press which gives the fabric a furry look
  • Varak Printing is done by flattening out gold and silver strands and embellishing them on the denim to create attractive designs


The charm of custom printed jackets is highly in demand and with multiple options available in markets it has become more interesting to select the one-of-a-kind which suits your personality. With different techniques and technology involved, you don’t have to worry to buy customize jackets as we have discussed how you can make with so much ease and less effort and create yourself a piece that will compliment your style. If you still lack artistically you can get one as Dubai holds the best options for premium custom jackets in UAE. You can get customize jackets online at good price and great quality and start working on it to get a one of a kind custom printed jacket for yourself.

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