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How To Avoid Cracking On Customised Painted Jacket

How To Avoid Cracking On Customised Painted Jacket

Painted Denim Jackets Ideal for Trend-Setting  

Painted denim jackets are a stunning source of revitalising your style and uplifting your wardrobe. With fashion spreading fastidiously, Painted denim jackets have made their way up and heightened the demand among youth. This particular fabric has made history with its sturdiness, comfort and safety. You can go anywhere. The market for painted denim jackets is a fantastic fashion piece that has become a wardrobe requirement. With so many stunning ideas on making painted denim jackets, it has made it easier for anyone to follow and make their piece and become a trendsetter.

You can make the painted denim jacket for yourself through several ideas and easy processes available online. Still, to make it long-lasting, durable and crack-free, this blog will guide you on how to master a perfect hand painted jacket.  

Cracking on Pained Denim Jackets

When dried paint splits evenly over the surface, it cracks. Once acrylic paint dries, it turns into plastic. Although it is somewhat pliable, it dislikes being pushed apart. Painted denim jackets, in this case, serve as the surface on which acrylic paint dries. It adheres to every fibre it touches once it has dried on the denim's surface. Unlike an acrylic paint coat, these denim fibres are all individually woven together and may move and pull apart.

 Cracks on custom printed denim jackets doesn't look appealing at all.

Causes of Cracking on Painted Denim Jackets

As painted denim jackets have become a significant source of modernising fashion and setting trends, they have become valuable for customers. So cracking or any other harm is highly rejected by the people, and they don't want to face any issue which will falter their attire looks afterwards. By making custom painted denim jackets at home, the first results are splendid, but with few washes, the paint starts seeping and losing the vibrancy. Also, it develops cracks on the surface, which gives it a very old, rusty look. First, we will discuss the reasons behind cracking on painted denim jackets and then the probability of preventing them to avoid such things.

1. Denim Construction | Using Stretchy Denim

This is considered the number one cause of cracking of painted denim jackets. As discussed, paint stretches but not to the extent of a denim fabric. This causes cracking on the surface painted, showcasing your artwork.

2. Using Bad Quality Paint

The second leading cause of cracking must be the usage of lousy-quality paint. There are several brands in the market which sell in the name of denim fabric paints, but they don't yield perfect results. Ensure that the pigment quality asks for a price, so if you buy fabric paints at the same price as average poster paints, you purchase fake ones. Always opt for the best quality fabric paints.

3. Applying Too Much Paint

The third cause can be using too much paint or repeatedly applying thick coats of paint. This is said by personal experience as adding too much paint toughens the surface and stretches movement, which develops cracking on denim jackets.

4. Not Heat-Setting for Curing the Paint

Curing your denim jackets with a heat setting is a must. If you leave this step, you might have cracks developed all over your painted denim jacket.

Avoid Cracking on Painted Denim Jackets

There are a few steps which you can follow to avoid cracking on painted denim jackets. The following information will ensure the next time you make a custom painted denim jacket, it won't crack and will last for a long time. Because we know how vital your denim jacket is to you, especially if it's made all by yourself, you want it to be long-lasting, not something that fades away in a shorter time.

 Cracks on custom printed denim jackets doesn't look appealing at all.

1. Application of Primer before Painting

A slight spray or a coat of primer adheres to the fabrication, making it easier to start painting. As it will develop an excellent surface to work on comfortably, and the strokes will be crack-free.

2. Use Sturdy Denim

It is highly recommended to use sturdy denim because when you are painting a denim jacket, it has to be stiff so that your artwork will not suffer any form from the styling point of view. Sturdy customised denim jackets look chic and tapered.

3. Use High-Quality Fabric/Acrylic Paints

The perfect pigment is the essential factor in making a customised denim jacket without cracking. In markets, there are several brands that are sold by the name of acrylic or fabric paints, but the results are catastrophic, so it is recommended to search for high quality paints.

4. Add Fabric Medium or Enhancer to Pigments

This is an extra safety precaution to avoid cracking. When making a customised printed denim jacket, you can add a fabric medium to your pigments, and while painting, you will see the difference in how well the fabric absorbs paint. This will help make good strokes, and the results will be spectacular.

5. Apply Thin Coats of Paint

It is mandatory to apply thin coats of paint. Applying several coats ensures the surface will absorb the paint, and painting over that area will highlight the hue, creating depth and interest.

6. Stretch after Applying Coats

DIY experts commonly use this practice. After applying the first coat, stretch the denim jacket as it will help the pigment seep into the fibres very well and later stretching once the custom painted denim jacket is completed will result in crack-free designs.

7. Heat-set Your Custom Painted Denim Jacket

Lastly, heat set your custom printed denim jacket for perfect result. Once the pigment is dried, you can ready the piece for wearing. Heat setting helps secure the pigment even further as this process turns the paint into plastic, which is ideal for washable denim jackets.

 custom painted denim jackets have new variety as donald duck jacket.


You can prevent cracking on your custom painted denim jackets with the appropriate equipment and some knowledge. You'll be well on your way to mastering the art of denim painting if you stick to the advice! We hope that these pointers were helpful and that you were able to find a technique that prevents cracking while making custom painted denim jackets.

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